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Unprecedented drone delivery gets off the ground in Lublin

Unprecedented drone delivery gets off the ground in Lublin

Drones present new opportunities for commercial or leisure uses. Lublin tries to integrate drones into the transport system.

Ready for a take-off?

The dronoid "Hermes I", after 12 km flight, landed at the customer's and left the package there. Despite strong wind, it successfully reached the planned destination. “This is the first such a project in the European Union and the first worldwide performed for the benefit of the Decathlon network" - it was underscored on Facebook post. The drone travelled all the way without human intervention.

The show was organised by Kamil Chrzan, the entrepreneur. His dream is for Lublin to become the first city where drone transport is a canon. He plans to create a fleet of flying vehicles delivering parcels between Lublin companies, offices and residents.

It is a tremendous success - says Sławomir Huczała, the main constructor and co-owner of Spartaqs Group.

Engineers from this Katowice-based company designed, built and tested Hermes from scratch. Huczała underlines that the device is not a drone, but a dronoid, a computerized robot that performs assignments independently. This means that it is not governed by a human, but by a programme using a set of cameras and sensors.

It gives me a great pleasure that Lublin has startups with innovative ideas. We support initiatives that classify Lublin as a Smart City, the City of the Future - says Diana Ciszewska-Tolak from the Lublin Municipal Office.

The designer is already working on new drone models ready to transport more and farther. There are already concepts to use this solution in saving human lives. After calling 112 number, the operator could send a drone with a first aid kit to the site of the accident.

We are positive that if in 10 years’ time we will notice a transport drone outside the window, the thought "It started in Lublin!" will be thoroughly justified.

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