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What’s new in Participatory Budgeting (7th edition for 2021)?


New, 7th edition of Participatory Budgeting in Lublin is about to start. We are waiting for new ideas with a chance for implementation in 2021. Residents of Lublin can submit them until the 6th of July. A few changes to the procedure are introduced this year. They involve the distribution of costs of city-wide and district projects. Large emphasis was put on accessibility. The overall budget to be distributed is 12,150 millions PLN.

Projects can be submitted through an online form at or on paper, by putting the filled in form into a special box at Biuro Obsługi Mieszkańca (Residents Affairs Office). Due to the pandemics, we especially recommend using the online form. Please remember to add a list of at least 2 persons supporting the idea (including the author). When you submit it electronically, it is enough to attach the scanned version.

District and city-wide projects

Just like last year, ideas can be submitted in two categories: district and city-wide. What has changed is the value of the projects, which is higher this year.

  1. District – projects that especially serve residents of one district. Their value cannot exceed 350 000 PLN. This is the amount that will be used in each of them – if there will be projects submitted in every district. In other case the unused amount will return to the general category of city-wide projects.
  2. City-wide – projects that meet the needs of residents of more than one district in Lublin or their implementation is not tied to a specific place. City-wide projects are divided to:
  • non-investment projects – so called „soft” projects where investments are not foreseen. These can be cultural, sports, social activities. The value of such project cannot exceed 200 000 PLN.
  • investment projects – so called „hard” projects which are not bound specifically to one district.

    They have to:
  • be implemented within at least two districts of Lublin
  • be worth maximum 1,5 million PLN
  • be solely of investment

include maximum 2 investment tasks (investment task is a project with a coherent material scope, both in terms of location and purpose, and its role is to fulfill a common goal. For example, renovation of 2 neighbouring streets will be considered one investment task, but renovation of two streets in two different locations will be treated as 2 separate tasks).

What about accessibility?

Long story short, this is about enabling all Lublin residents to enjoy the results of the project.

  1. First, it is the possibility to use the results of the project free of charge. If you want sports activities to be carried out, they have to be free for everyone and the terms of participation must be clear and transparent.
  2. Second, it is about accessibility of the premises. If you want your project to be implemented at a school for example, which, by definition, is fenced and locked, your project proposal should include (in a form of an attachment) a written declaration of a person in charge of the premise (in this case – school director) about how and on what grounds it will be made available for all residents.
  3. Third, accessibility for persons with disabilities. The law obliges us to respect the rules of universal planning. Therefore, if you are planning a playground for example, the equipment must be for all children, including children with disabilities.

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