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Print page to PDF "2nd Chance" project partners meeting in Brussels


A dedicated meeting under the 2nd Chance project is taking place on November 28-30, 2017 in Brussels under a lead theme – Policies, instruments, structures for the reactivation of vacant properties. Furthermore, a meeting of project's Steering Committee was convened on the first day, to discuss what's in the pipeline. Project's partners, at the courtesy of the City of Brussels, were afforded an opportunity to see a number of buildings successfully refurbished like Les Ateliers des Tanneurs; i.e. a historic Art Nouveau building of the Chateau that dates back to 1902, a venue of the conference. Similarly, a study visits was arranged to ARLON 104, a targeted facility in the project by the City of Brussels under the project’s provisions. Held workshop focused on activities of local support groups, as well as on the development of local cooperation policies aiming to rescue abandoned and destructed buildings. Lastly, working out of financing instruments for such actions, exchange of know-how on Integrated Action Plans were also on the agenda.

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