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Continuously played city bugle call for almost 25 years

Continuously played city bugle call for almost 25 years

Mr Onufry Koszarny officially ceased performing his function during the session of the Lublin City Council on 21st January. The Mayor of the City of Lublin, Councillors of the Lublin City Council and guests expressed their thanks to Mr Koszarny for playing Lublin bugle call every day as well as for marking the most important events in the life of the city by playing his trumpet.

The Lublin bugle call was played by Mr Koszarny since 1991. He performed it for the first time at the request of a town crier Mr Władysław Stefan Grzyb. Mr Onufry played the bugle call from the balcony of the City Hall before every session of the Lublin City Council, during visits of foreign delegations and all important events in the city from that day one onwards.

The Mayor of the City of Lublin awarded Mr Koszarny the Union of Lublin Medal and expressed, together with Chairman of the Lublin City Office, the words of recognition and gratitude for his long-standing work and outstanding service. Mr Koszarny, accompanied by his successors, played the bugle call for the last time at noon on 21st January from the balcony of the City Hall. Youth from the Wanda Kaniorowa Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Lublin” sang “Happy Birthday”.

Onufry Koszarny was born in 1933 in Huta Dzierążyńska in Krynice, a commune near Tomaszów Lubelski, in a musical family. Since his abilities were acquired thanks to his father who played the violin and his uncle who played the trumpet. Onufry expressed passion for music from early days. He has been living in Lublin since 1956. He carried out his military service in Katowice where he played in a military orchestra between 1953 and 1956. After that, he played in the factory orchestra of the Truck Manufacturing Plant for 32 years and in a miners' orchestra for 7 years. He was also a member of a musical ensemble which played during wedding receptions and the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Dąbrowica” for 25 years as well as a railway orchestra.

Mr Onufry, the city bugler, is highly regarded and enjoys popularity among employees and people visiting the Lublin City Hall, particularly among children, who have a great liking to him. Spontaneous applause and enthusiastic reactions on the part of residents and tourists listening to the bugle call were the indication of appreciation for his tireless work.

Mr Tadeusz Godzisz and Mr Piotr Ścibak will be the successors of Mr Koszarny as official city buglers.

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