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Lublin City Bike system to be extended

Lublin City Bike system to be extended

The redevelopment of Lublin City Bike system is to be initiated next week. Forty two new bike stations, including two for children, are to be installed in Lublin. Five extra bike stations are to be located in Świdnik. Thus, the system will comprise a total of 90 stations and 891 bikes this spring.

Works involving hardening the ground where the bike stations will be installed will commence on Thursday, 11th February. A number of contractor's crews will work concurrently and will start works on the following streets: Zbożowa, Spokojna, Cukrownicza, Gospodarcza, Niepodległości, Walecznych, Hempla, Łęczyńska and Ruska.

According to the contract, all works connected with the redevelopment of the system are to be finished until the end of March.

The system will comprise two bike stations equipped with bikes for children which will be installed nearby entrances to the Saxon Garden [Polish: Ogród Saski] located on ul. Długosza and ul. Leszczyńskiego, 80 stations within the city (locations of 40 new ones are available in the attachment below), 5 stations installed in Świdnik and 3 stations situated at the shopping centres: Lublin Plaza, Felicity and Tarasy Zamkowe.

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