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Lublin – Smart City of the Year

Lublin – Smart City of the Year

The city of Lublin was awarded the title at the annual meeting of IT and telecommunications sectors “Smart City Forum”. The city was awarded the title in the category “Smart City of the Year 2015 with population between 100 000 and 350 000”, among others, for investments in the traffic management system and solutions in collective transport.

Wrocław was awarded the title in the category city with population over 500 000 and Legnica in the category city with population below 100 000. The award was given to Mr Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin, by Magdalena Taczanowska, Director of Public Sector in Microsoft.


This extremely important distinction confirms our strong position in this sector and the efficiency of Lublin Development Strategy which is employed in our city. The Smart Traffic Management System was implemented in 2015 and the investments made in public transport are a part of the largest EU project which is carried out in our city. Lublin is perceived nowadays as the main destination for the telecommunications sector in Eastern Poland and one of the six biggest IT centres in the country – says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin.

Smart City

Smart City Projects, as relatively new ones, influence quality of life in a direct way by providing tools of sustainable development which facilitate the functioning of urban centres since they employ modern solutions, among others, in transport, energy, ecology, communication platforms, increasing the attractiveness of offices, and inclusion of residents in decision-making process.

The largest project within Smart City is the Traffic Management System which was launched last year and which was designed to enhance traffic circulation by means of appropriate programming for operation of traffic lights and to improve safety on Lublin's streets. Another projects within Smart City are: Lublin Virtual Library, urban telecommunications system, City Data Center and Backup Center, over 250 hotspots, 230 video-surveillance cameras in public space and the geo-information system.

The redevelopment of traffic management system, “Gigabyte in every school” project, Free WiFi, (the project designed to create 100 hotspots) as well as smart facilities management system (lightening, energy uptake, sensors) are under way. It is worth mentioning that the existing telecommunications infrastructure of Lublin consists of 60 km of its own fibre-optic network. The City of Lublin sets unified standards for city investments – data roaming infrastructure during redevelopments and revitalisations, as well as the infrastructure integrating all systems which is created automatically. Another example of using smart systems is the redevelopment of Saxon Garden [Polish: Ogród Saski] which resulted in 2 km of fibre-optic network, 27 additional cameras, a hotspot network, attachment of the band shell to the network and Web cameras. Similar solutions were implemented in sports facilities. Building of Lublin Arena encouraged the establishment of standardisation since the employed technologies will be used in other sports facilities. Such solutions will be adopted as well during the redevelopment of Litewski Square [Polish: Plac Litewski].

IT/ICT branch

The number of IT companies increased by 50 % in 2009-2012 which doubled the number of hired people and constituted one of the biggest employment growth in Poland. Over 30 new companies were set up in Lublin within last three years. A few hundred companies of ICT sector, where five thousand people are employed, operate nowadays in Lublin. According to GUS (en. Central Statistics Office) data, there are 22 IT companies per every 10 thousand residents of Lublin. Ten biggest companies operating in Lublin are: Asseco Business Solutions, Compugroup Medical, Infinite, Billennium, Sii, Britenet, eLeader, DataArt, Comarch, Mobica Limited.

There is a developing environment in Lublin which is created by universities, students and graduates in IT faculties as well as unofficial circles and a network of business incubators. Four thousand and six hundred students, out of which 900 become graduates, study at five out of nine Lublin universities at seven IT faculties. A significant number of students becomes employed in IT companies during studies and other enter the job market instantly thanks to start-ups and projects or are recruited by global market players.

Lubelska Wyżyna IT Programme (en. Lublin IT Upland Programme) has been designed to promote the potential of Lublin IT branch and to support the development of IT environment in Lublin by monitoring resources, initiatives and needs of IT environment in Lublin.

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