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Lublin to get a move on the Green Citizen budgeting

Lublin to get a move on the Green Citizen budgeting

It is the first time that the Green Citizen budget has been implemented in Poland. The city of Lublin which has had a considerable success in that field is the pioneer in the field. Next year the city is going to offer extra grant amounting to 2 mn PLN with a view to developing Green Citizen budget projects. The call for proposals will open in autumn and the activities on these are going to set off in spring 2017.

This year’s activities of flowering the city have been enthusiastically welcomed by the citizens that’s why development of this project gives rise to other initiatives. The residents themselves know best which part of the city is the most pleasant and enjoyable to stay in, that is why we decided to let them formulate the objectives of these projects. It is yet another project aimed to embellish our city – says Mr Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City Lublin.

Urban green space architect aided by other departments of the City Office will supervise the completion of the Green Citizen budget. The departments are bound to verify the formal aspect of the proposals. A quality assessment of projects will be performed by a panel of experts in green space, spatial planning and landscaping who will consult the projects with the authors and stakeholders.

The projects can be developed on the territory owned by the Municipality of Lublin but high priority projects will also take place on the housing association and housing community territories. However, a special agreement need to be signed and declaration made that the territory will be accessible to all citizens. The projects will also encompass the territory of road lanes.

The percentage of green space in the project is a prerequisite. The percentage cannot be lower than 70 pc in relation to the percentage of street furniture.

Lublin is the first city in Poland which has implemented the Green Space budget. We have set an example to follow for other Polish cities of social participation. It’s another case of local communities having a right to make decisions. – says Mr Piotr Choroś from the Chancellery of the Mayor.

The city has completed 11 projects of plantings in road lanes and designed green space around 5 roundabouts. This year 7 new squares are being built, and plantings of more than 8.5 thousand bushes are going to appear in a few spots. At present the project of a ravine in Kalinowszczyzna is being accomplished. In 2015, a total of 1061 trees, 12 439 bushes were planted, 46 garlands of flowers and 27 flower pots were placed and Lubartowska street was also embellished with flowers.

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