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Print page to PDF Residents Affairs Bureau office reopens at 44 Filaretów Street


Residents Affairs Bureau at 44 Filaretów Street reopened following refurbishment. The customer service will be rendered at 8 service desks which are situated in a specially designed customer service room equipped with air-conditioning and a play area for children.Residents Affairs Bureau just restarted after the renovation which had lasted since mid July. The construction and finishing works were accomplished before the deadline, set for the end of November 2016.

There will be 8 service desks to address the citizens’ needs. The information desks are situated in two spots, one at the waiting room and the other at the service room. Furthermore, the information desk is fitted with a lowered counter which is to facilitate a customer - assistant contact. The line order will be operated by the system to enhance the use. The service room is adjusted to the disabled people. There is a specially designed play area for children. To make it more comfortable for the customers, the air-conditioning and automatic doors are installed in the service room.

Business hours of the Residents Affairs Bureau are as follows:

Mondays & Tuesdays 7.45-16.45,

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 7.45-15.15.

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