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The presentation of Lublin in Wrocław (May, 25-29)

The presentation of Lublin in Wrocław (May, 25-29)

The programme of Lublin has been created by way of an inspirational dialogue between multi-cultural heritage and challenges of the times ahead. Karol Szajnocha street in the centre of Wrocław is to become the setting where the greatest and the most renowned local artists are to build the scenery of Lublin – a unique city of inspiration that is a blend of the present with the rich past.

A few days’ performance is to reflect the dialogue between tradition and modernity by means of interactive cultural activities rooted in theatre performances, film screenings, concerts or conjurers’ gigs.

A unique show directed by Janusz Opryński is to be a real one-off drawing card. His performance combines artistic groups potential, theatre experience and the art of slackline.

Ropes, sashes and towers hung over the street will fill sky-high space to show the complex and multi-cultural history and the heritage of Lublin. Onlookers will be afforded an opportunity to see the theatre worlds by Leszek Mądzik, Paweł Passini and Łukasz Witt-Michałowski.

Likewise, one will not miss the works by the greatest and the most famous visual artists from Lublin. Robert Kuśmirowski will show ”Graduation Tower”, his greatest art installation, Mariusz Tarkawian will take an effort to create a unique and one of a kind mural on the wall of a tenement house. What by far is to grasp viewers’ attention is the scenery by Jarosław Koziara, who will turn an ordinary street into a spectacle beaming with life, lights and colours.

To meet challenges of the project a special street band has been brought to life, something of a rarity in case of Lublin. A number of the top Lublin musicians will dominate Wrocław down town with dazzling parades and flash mobs, encouraging the citizens to join in .

Genius Loci contest

Within the framework of the presentation at ul. Szajnochy, successful projects of the Genius Loci contest will also have a chance to be performed in the latter. The contest, which took place at the beginning of the year, was, in a way, an invitation addressed to creative groups of Lublin: artists, creators, culture animators so that everyone could mark their presence in Wrocław, European Capital of Culture. By way of the contest the most interesting artistic and educational projects were selected, pointing out Lublin uniqueness, the essential and the exclusive cultural narrations, genius loci – the spirit of the place of our city.

  • Łukasz Szulc – MPR121 – Place full of vegetation
  • neTTheatre – The Hideout
  • Folk Animators Association – Ethno messages
  • Przemysław Buksiński – Legends of the ancient city
  • Labirynt Gallery - Performance Art Meeting
  • The Lublin InVitro Premiere Scene - Evil
  • Angelika Iwaniuk - With the tradition in mind venturing into the future. Lublin as a multicultural borderland of the East
  • Grzegorz Lesiak - Multimedia concert: Tatvamasi i Ladies Quartet
  • The theatre therapy in Lublin - To the theatre and in the theatre
  • “Piękno Panie” artistic group – Fotoplastikon
  • Piotr Majczyna – Presentation of Lublin cultural organisations, events and folk artists in Wrocław within the framework of the project „Koalicja Miast”, suggested titles “Lublin - Folk planet”, “Lublin - European Capital of Folk” or “Lublin-Polish Capital of Folk”.
  •  Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk – City of magic
  • Presented projects
  • Visual arts
  • Robert Kuśmirowski ”Graduation Tower”
  • Jarosław Koziara – street scenery
  • Leszek Mądzik – Negative
  • Mariusz Tarkawian – action on a wall of a tenement house
  • Katarzyna Szczypior – green installation
  • „Piękno Panie” artistic group – Fotoplastykon
  • Łukasz i Kinga Szulc – Greenhouse

Teatr / Performance

  • Janusz Opryński – Dream about the City
  • neTTheatre – The Hideout
  • The Lublin InVitro Premiere Scene - Evil
  • Czytanie Performatywne – The progrom next Tuesday
  • Labirynt Gallery - Performance Art Meeting
  • “Poławiacze Pereł Improv Teatr” Theatre group – Legends of the ancient city
  • NN Theatre - Three stories and some music
  • The theatre therapy in Lublin - The confession in wood

Muzyka (Music)

  • Lublin Street Band
  • Santa Claus Orchestra
  • Dziadowski Projekt
  • Čači Vorba
  • Brass secta with Brass Band
  • Lublin Bards Federation
  • Tatvamasi i Ladies Quartet
  • Pan Zura, Senhor Efebo, DJ Ya-Neck
  • Black Lions of the Suburbs
  • Cameral Sacrum Choir Sacrum


Lublin Dance Theater - Stalking Paradise


  • Grzegorz Linkowski
  • Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk
  • Kinoteatr Projekt


  • Marcin Sudziński
  • Tomasz Kulbowski
  • Roman Krawczenko
  • Joanna Zętar


  • The presentation by the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” - The Remembrance of Jewish Lublin
  • Enchanting Lublin, that is gone/Lublin, the city of the greatest discoveries - prof. Andrzej Kokowski –
  • Crafts and drum workshops



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