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Maat Theater Project

Maat Theater Project
Address: ul. Peowiaków 12
MAAT THEATER PROJECT founded in 2004 in Lublin and maintained by Tomasz Bazan. The main purpose of art search conducted by a team of artistic theater was an attempt to find the body language of the pure synthesis of many cultural borderline quality visual and performing arts transferred into a theatrical work. Theater as its main means of visual expression chose activities and experiments to carry out the broad forms of the body with particular emphasis on the dance butoh. Maat Theater Project leads its own independent action, and cultural exploration at the Center of Culture in Lublin, where it has its registered office and dance studio. Currently, work is focused on multi-project ‘Butoh Project’ and ‘Form the Body’ using a broad ‘technics’ of butoh dance and form of dance based on the Eastern way of working with the body (i.a. Tang Lang, Vietnam Vo Dao, Wu Shu style) using it in the theater of work (i.a. ‘Krótkie Smakowanie Życia’ show i.a. on XII edition of the International Theatrical confrontation Lublin and LANG JIU and produced by the Art Foundation Stations Kulczyk Stary Browar Poznań and presented i.a. on the first Polish Dance Platform in Poznan). Formula of theater work is team meetings and collaborate with people from many circles of culture, science and art. (i.a. work with Soji Okada, prof. Piotr O. Scholz, Syliwą Hanff, Htahaji Ishihiri, Pawel Passini, Universal Univesity of Jacek Kuron, Barbara Bujakowska, Marcin Janus and many other) Formation over the years implemented a range of projects around the oscillating performances, happenings, installations collective, performance shown in many prestigious places in Poland and abroad (a.i. Theatre Kothen – Germany, Art and Leisure Center of Ivan Franko National Univeristy – Ukraine, Les Kurbas Theatre - Ukraine ) with time creating own style (eg Poland Dance Platform (Poznan), 'NeTTheatre' by Paweł Passini (Silver Top), the International Festival 'Theatrical Confrontations' and' Central Theater '(Lublin), Meetings Theater of Lodz (Lodz), Festival of Performance' Mandala '( Wroclaw), ‘Art. Stations Kulczyk Foundation’ Stary Browar (Poznan), International theater festival 'Malta' (Poznan), 'International Meeting of Dance Theater' (Lublin), Festival 'Solo Dance' (Kalisz), the International Festival of Dance 'Kaleidoscope' (Bialystok), 'Universe University' of Jacek Kuron (Teremiski) and many others). Source:

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