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The Former People's House

The Former People's House
Address: ul. Czwartek / Szkolna
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-124

The building of the Jewish People's House was erected in 1936-1939 on the initiative of the leftist organization "Bund". It was to house a school, theatre, library and other cultural institutions. The opening of this cultural center was scheduled for September 1, 1939.

Due to World War II, the building was opened in 1944. At that time it served as a gathering point for Jews who survived the Holocaust and returned to Lublin, and it also housed a primary school in which the Polish and Yiddish languages were taught. The school was closed in 1949.

In 1987, a memorial plaque was unveiled commemorating the original purpose of the building. The Jewish People's House is part of the Memory Trail of the Lublin Jews.

Nowadays, it is the seat of the Lublin branch of the National Health Fund.

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