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The Lublin Synagogue Chewra Nosim

The Lublin Synagogue Chewra Nosim
Address: ul. Lubartowska 10
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-400

The Chewra Nosim is the only synagogue built before the war that has survived to our times. The synagogue, located on the first floor of the tenement house at 10 Lubartowska Street, is the house of prayer and at the same time the Memorial Chamber of the Lublin Jews and the seat of the Social and Cultural Society of Jews in Lublin. The building was erected before 1889. The owners were Berek Cygelman and the spouses Szlema and Frajda Goldsobel. The first floor was intended for a house of prayer (synagogue). The courtyard, hallway and staircase belonged to all owners. In 1905, a part of the tenement house was given as a perpetual lease to the Lublin Jewish Charity Society. During World War II, the synagogue was used as a textile warehouse and a shoemaker workshop. After the war, the place was turned into a paper and writing materials storehouse. In 1948, a part of the building was taken over by Apolonia Tarłowska and the rest was given to the State Treasury.

Until 1984, regular services were held in the synagogue. In 2006, the synagogue in Yeshiva Chachmey Lublin was opened, which is why the Chewra Nosim's house of prayer lost the status of the main synagogue in Lublin.

Meetings are held here on the occasion of the largest Jewish holidays: Pesach, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Chanuki.

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