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The Memorial Chamber of the Lublin Jews

The Memorial Chamber of the Lublin Jews
Address: ul. Walecznych
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-127

At the entrance to the New Jewish Cemetery, there is a monument-mausoleum with a synagogue in which the Memorial Chamber of the Lublin Jews is located.

Before 1839, the cemetery area was fenced with a wall. In the 19th century, the cemetery was still expanded to include adjacent parcels. In 1918, the cemetery was expanded to include another plot of land where the Jewish military cemetery was set up and where Jewish soldiers who fought during World War I in the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies were buried. In 1933 Rabbi Majer Jehuda Szapiro was buried in the cemetery. The last extension of the cemetery to include further areas took place in 1940 because of the growing number of Jewish victims of the Nazi occupation. The Jewish burials in the new cemetery were still carried out during operation of the ghetto in Podzamcze. That time, over 6,000 people were buried in the cemetery. The new Jewish cemetery in Lublin was completely destroyed by the Nazis in 1942. In the 1960s, the cemetery area was parcelled out. The authorities have decided to build Lenin Avenue (now Anders Avenue) through the necropolis, which divided the cemetery into two parts.

Thanks to the efforts of Sara and Manfred Frenkel, in 1989 the area of the necropolis was entered in the register of monuments. The Sara and Manfred Frenkel Foundation made the northern part of the cemetery was renovated in 1991: the area was restored and the building of the Memorial Chamber was erected. In 1998, the ohel of the Eiger tzadiks dynasty in which the remains of Yehuda Leib Eiger rest was rebuilt.

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