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The Monument to the Victims of the Ghetto

The Monument to the Victims of the Ghetto
Address: ul. Radziwiłłowska / Niecała
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-080

The monument was unveiled in 1963 on the 20th anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto in Lublin, but it was erected on a rather random site. The authorities did not want to agree to put it up in Podzamcze and the Jews did not want it in a side street of the Old Town - it was supposed to stand in Rybna street. In the place where the monument stood, before the war and during the occupation used to be a market. The location of the monument to the Victims of the Ghetto is symbolic. Until 2006, the monument was located in the square between Lubartowska and Świętoduska Streets, today in the square at the intersection of Radziwiłłowska and Niecała streets. The monument was created on the initiative of the Lublin Jews - around 200-300 Jews still lived in Lublin at that time - but its main inspirer was Izydor Sznajdman.

The monument is dedicated not only to the Jews of Lublin but to the Jews from the Lublin region. The inscriptions on it are in Yiddish and Polish. It has the form of a huge matzevah with inscription, which is a fragment of the poem by the poet Icchak Kacenelson: "In every handful of ash I am looking for my loved ones ..."

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