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The Jagiellonian Trail of the Union of Lublin

The Jagiellonian Trail of the Union of Lublin

Colour: red
Stations: 8
Duration: 2-3 hours

This trail was established to commemorate one of the greatest accomplishments of the Jagiellonian dynasty, i.e. the conclusion of the Polish-Lithuanian Union in Lublin in 1569.

Historic events such as the Union of Krewo of 1385, during which it was decided that Władysław Jagiełło would marry Jadwiga, the promise of the Christianisation of Lithuania and the appointment of Jagiełło to the Polish throne – arranged in Lublin, and the Union of Horodlo, which strengthened the relationship between Poland and Lithuania, led to the work of the first king from the Jagiellonian dynasty to be finally concluded by the last remaining member of the family - Sigismund Augustus.

On 1 July 1569, the Union was signed and sworn at the royal castle in Lublin. It joined the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into one state – the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – ruled by one monarch.

From that time the foreign policy and currency were shared, while the administration, treasury, military and judiciary were separate. The Commonwealth stretched over an area of over 800,000 square km and remained like this until the Partitions.

On the day before the Polish accession into the European Union on 30 April 2004 great celebrations took place at the Lithuanian Square (Plac Litewski), with the participation of the residents of Lublin and numerous invited guests, such as vice-chancellors of universities from all over Europe who were debating in Lublin at that time. A colourful procession set off from here, partially following the Jagiellonian Route of the Union of Lublin, amongst others, through the Gate of Two Unions, and then through the Old Town towards the Castle of Lublin. A celebratory toast was made here for the prosperity of Poland and the European Union.



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