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4th anniversary of the LITPOLUKRBRIG military unit in Lublin, 12-13th September

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4th anniversary of the LITPOLUKRBRIG military unit in Lublin, 12-13th September

We would like to invite you for the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade on 12-13th September 2019.


12th September (Thursday)

8.30-9.00 concert of the Military Lithuanian Orchestra on Litewski square

9.00 - fountain show, Litewski square

13th September (Friday)

9.00-10.30 - Holy Mass in the Garison Church, Aleje Racławickie 20, Lublin

11.00-11.45 - official ceremony at the Litewski Square

11.45- 12.15 - concert of the Lithuanian Orchestra and Military Orchestra with the parade drill, Litewski square

12:30-15:30 - millitary picnic at the Teatralny square (near Centre for the Meeting of Cultures)

Adittional attractions: games and contests for children, musical performances of Polish and Ukrainian artists, military equipment presentation, photo exhibition "Donbass - heroes do not die'' and an original polish pea soup


The Lithuanian-Polish-Ukraine Multinational Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG is a multinational unit composed of the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian armed forces. An agreement signed on September 19th 2014 in Warsaw has formed up the Brigade in autumn 2015. Founding a Lithuanian-Polish-Ukraine Brigade is a part of a longterm military cooperation between Poland, Lithuanian and Ukraine. This cooperation model has been tested within the confines of the Polish-Ukraine Battalion (POLUKRBAT) and Lithuanian-Polish Battalion (LITPOLBAT) in 1998-2010 and 1997- 2008. Headquarters and staff is located in Lublin.

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