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"I give you my word” Storytellers Festival

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"I give you my word” Storytellers Festival

The second edition of this unique Festival takes place from July 3 to July 5. Polish artists involved in the storytelling revival take part in the event.
Workshops of Culture would like to invite everybody, young and old, to participate. “Grupa Studnia O” has been telling stories since 1997, and the members of the group, Jarek Kaczmarek and Małgorzata Litwinowicz, will be telling stories not only for children but also for adults. Their stories are inspired by Andersen's tales, Slavic tales and the space mission of Apollo 17. Our national storytellers will meet the Lublin NN Theater. Witold Dąbrowski will present “Tajbełe i jej demon/Tajbełe and Her Daemon” performance, inspired by the prose of I.B. Singer. Another regional accent will be “Charaktery Marrakeszu/Marrakech's Characters,” a visual-music-and-word program by Trio Baja Przemek Buksiński, Karol Gadzało and It is inspired by the study of character of Teofrasto de Ereso. The Festival is accompanied by Storytelling Workshops conducted by Jarek Kaczmarek from the Grupa Studnia 0. Workshops are organized by Grupa Studnia 0, information and registration - Workshops of Culture, ul. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin, telephone number. 081 533 09 04.

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