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Print page to PDF The Old Theatre renovation project has received a subsidy


The project named “The renovation of the Old Theatre in 18 Jezuicka Street in Lublin – works securing the building’s structure”, which is a part of the Cultural Heritage program, has been granted a subsidy of PLN 1.9 million. The financial means will come from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the renovation works will be a part of the Cultural Heritage program’s priority – the restoration of non-movable and movable monuments. The main aim of the works will be to secure the building’s foundations and walls.
The project is a continuation of the renovations that were started in 2007 and carried out along with some research and design works. The Old Theatre is planned to serve its original purpose; now, managed by one of Lublin's cultural institutions, it will be an impresario theatre and the host for various cultural events. Built in 1822, The Old Theatre in Lublin was one of the first theatres in Poland and is now on the list of the monuments of the Lublin District. Due to its condition, the building has been closed for use since 1981. There were attempts in the 80’s and the 90's to restore it thanks to contributions from private investors, but they were unsuccessful and the building was left to deteriorate. As there were no perspectives that the theatre would undergo any renovation, in fall 2005, the State Treasury took it away from its private owner and immediately the city authorities financed the necessary works to secure the building’s structure, which were started the same year. In May 2007 the City of Lublin drew up a contract on a gradual preparation of comprehensive renovation documentation, and in June it became the lawful owner of the property.

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