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Weekend in Lublin, October 25-27

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Weekend in Lublin, October 25-27

Lublin for the weekend 25-27 October.


This year "Demakijaż" film festival will take place on October 23-27 with 'Sisterhood' as the main theme of the event. The films will feature relationships between girls and women. And on the music scene of the festival Panilas and The Pau & Enchanted Hunters will appear.

The artistic season will begin with a great play "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams directed by Jakub Kowalski. The performance will be held at the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre.

We invite you to the Bajka Cinema for the 12th edition of the snowboard festival "Winter Is My Love" whereas "Wojna Gwiazd" will be performed in the Centre for the Meetings of Cultures. It is a documentary about the Polish fandom and various collectible Star Wars items from 70's and 80's. This is a sentimental retro journey to the times of PRL (Polish People's Republic), where passion and fantasy were meeting up with the sad reality of life under the communist oppression. After the screening, there will be a question and answer meeting with Jakub Turkiewicz, the screenwriter of the film.


Chatka Żaka Academic Culture Centre invites you for a 33rd edition of Bakcynalia National Student and Tourist Song Festival. The event is filled with concerts by invited stars - Wolna grupa Bukowina, Federacja Bardów, Dom o zielonych progach and other varoius meetings.

Everyone culture focused is invited to an unusual event! The evening of Jewish Culture combined with the concert "Israel among us" will be an opportunity to learn and celebrate the Jewish traditions. A professional Jewish band from Ukraine with the leader Yanochka Golubeva will perform a concert and teach all the interested ones how to dance and sing.

The Musical Theatre proposes “Kraina Uśmiechu”. It is a romantic story set in an exotic scenery. Fascination of Western Europe and China turns into cultural and social differences with unfulfilled dreams of love and emancipation neither in China nor in Europe.


On Saturday, we invite you to a guided tour of the current exhibition "New Earth and 64 short stories / Baud, Chudzicki, Szulc" in Galeria Biała. This unique event will be led by one of the artists: Marta Szulc, who will talk about her work.

On Sunday, the curators are going to talk about the exhibition “Three Plagues” in Galeria Labirynt. It regards the question of religious fundamentalism using selected works as an example.


The workshop "Obiekty dźwiękowe-zrób to sam" is addressed to all those who listen to the sounds of the city, who like experiments and are interested in new technologies. You are invited to create your own sound object in the Workshops of Culture.

Szpilka Foundation offers shared designing and performing the original cotton bags as a part of the "Kobieta i Sztuka" project.

The exhibition “Society” at the Centre for the Meetings of Culture is accompanied by the free family workshops. It will allow the participants to acquire knowledge about the city architecture after 1956.


Galeria Labirynt invites for the seminar. The subject of the seminar will concern issues related to the role of cultural institutions and art in the 21st century. It has become a place of dialogue, possibilities, openness, inclusion, diagnosis and solving social problems.

Fundacja Piękno Panie offers a series of free trainings and workshops “Od nowa wzór” for the representatives of the creative industries as well as for all the residents of Lublin. The project is devoted to the good design subject.

Workshops of Culture in Lublin invite to an answer and question meeting with Wasyl Słapczuk, a poet, prose writer and literary critic. During the meeting the author will present his poems from the volume "Wieczorne Słońce".

“Grodzka Gate-NN Theatre” Centre invites you to a meeting devoted to the photography history “Behind the scenes - history of Lublin in photography".


On Friday afternoon, the Via Jagiellonica Foundation invites you for a walk following the traces of Salomon Luria, one of the most famous rabbis of Lublin. Luria became a head of the famed Lublin Yeshiva, which attracted students from all over Europe. Due to various internal problems in the yeshiva, he opened his own yeshiva. The building, known as the "Maharshal's shul", remained intact until World War II. You can search for his traces in the former Podzamcze district.

Centre for the Meetings of Cultures and the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning invite you for architectural walks "Identity".

On the other hand, PTTK in Lublin (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Societ) invites for a walk “Koronkowe Madonny i Skrzydlaci Geniusze”. The cemetery at Lipowa Street is one of the oldest memorial parks in Poland. While strolling through this area, the people will learn about the history of the buried ones.


Basketball - Pszczółka Polski Cukier AZS UMCS Lublin - AZS Uniwersytet Gdański.

On Saturday we invite you to the last edition of the “Botaniczna Piątka” wheras on Sunday, the Lublin Half Marathon will start from the Lublin Athletics Stadium.

Rowerowy Lublin Association organises Masa Krytyczna. It is a joint ride of cyclists through the streets of Lublin.

For children

"Bajkowa Niedziela" is a series of events created for the youngest audience at the Old Theatre.

For the last time, in Plaza Shopping Centre there will be a special animated exhibition presenting elements of a stage design, costumes and dolls. All this to commemorate its 65th anniversary. You will also have an opportunity to look “behind the scenes" of a theatrical life. In the same Theatre, the spectacle "The Jungle Book" based on one of the most beautiful and well-known stories for children, awaits the youngest.

Skende invites for a meeting with fireman Sam, for games, fun and other attractions for children.


On Friday, Samodobro invites you to the screenings ”Kąpiel w dźwiękach”. Gongs and Tibetan bowls will be the main actors. And On Saturday children are invited to play with sounds as part of the "Uwaga spokój" classes. This time, Lublin Fair offers nuts as the main product (Lubartowska 77 street). The visitors will be able to taste nuts and products containing nuts in various forms.


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