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Exhibition: Andrzej Jedliczka -- Metaloplastyka i... / Metalwork and...

Exhibition: Andrzej Jedliczka -- Metaloplastyka i... / Metalwork and...
Start date 2014-04-10
Start time 00:00
Ending date 2014-05-09

The exhibition presents copper and brass metalwork by Andrzej Jedliczka. The exhibition is an overview of the work of the artist, a resident of the Węglin district.

Andrzej Jedliczka is an artist who combines metalwork techniques and painting. He graduated from the Secondary School of Arts in Sędziszów Małopolski, earning the title of Metalwork Technician. At that time (second half of the 1950s), metalwork was not part of academic curricula, so Jedliczka enrolled as a student of painting at Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts. It was not by accident that he chose to study under Prof. Zbigniew Pronaszko, a painter and stage designer who explored the concept of form, had recourse to cubism, remaining faithful to realism anyway. Jedliczka would proceed in a similar fashion. Already in his student times, he started with specific problems, such as a landscape, portrait or still nature, only to take up formal inquiries into properties of the techniques applied.

A member of the Polish Artists and Designers Association since 1962, Jedliczka is also associated with the Zamek Group, a circle of Lublin-based artists. In the 1960s he took part in exhibitions held in Radom, Lublin and Sopot. In 1971 his works were displayed at the exhibition of nine painters from Lublin held in Debrecen, Hungary. Jedliczka has been doing metalwork since 1970, dealing mainly with jewellery design and reconstruction of antique bars and wrought-iron fences for museum buildings. Together with a group of artists from Lublin, he made metalwork ornaments for a ship named "Lublin." In 1991 he had his second individual exhibition at the ART salon in Lublin. His works were featured at the Eastern Arts Salon exhibition (1993); “60 lat ZPAP,” and exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Polish Artists and Designers Association (1996); an arts exhibition in Rzeszów (2001). In 1999 the Pod Podłogą Gallery hosted another individual exhibition of Jedliczka’s works. In 2011 the artist took part is an exhibition celebrating the centennial of the Polish Artists and Designers Association and the 75th anniversary of the Association’s Lublin Branch. His 50th anniversary exhibition was held in December 2012 at the LSM Community Cultural Centre Gallery.

The exhibition of Andrzej Jedliczka’s works at the Węglin Community Cultural Centre is curated by Ludomir Franczak.

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