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We Moms: MaMa Perform

We Moms: MaMa Perform
Start date 2014-05-24
Start time 16:00

The Węglin Community Cultural Centre invites you to a unique performance that tells a story about us, mothers. Put on by mothers under the We Moms project, the performance has maternity as its leitmotif. It challenges the stereotype of woman-mother, takes an unconventional approach to the problem of being a mother, thus encouraging reflection on different social role we adopt.
The performance focuses on all aspects of maternity; sanctity, love, and the joy of being a mother alternate with the hardships of everyday life and longing for what has been lost and given up dreams.

MaMa Perform is a project led and choreographed by Maria Stokłosa. The aim of the project was to set up a performing and dance group composed of mothers who would take seven months to put on a show. The project is also designed as a way of activating mothers involved with dance and all sorts of artistic activity. Additionally, the project also attempts to engage in a dialogue with the public and encourage reflection on the stereotypical perception of mothers.

For a limited number of participants. To enrol, email: or phone: 81 466 59 15 / 81 466 59 15

We Moms (My Mamy) is a series of regular meetings over coffee and tea to talk about the ups and downs of being a mother. At the meetings, we share our experiences and knowledge, partake in various classes, gossip, and challenge the stereotype of mothers as housewives “imprisoned at home with their children.”

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