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Extracurricular sports classes

Extracurricular sports classes play an important part in providing pupils of Lublin schools with appropriate physical education. They are available at all levels of tuition, at primary, lower-secondary, upper-secondary and post-secondary schools. The classes are an opportunity for pupils to spend their time actively. They enable children to restore their physical and mental capacity after spending the day at school, as well as to broaden and develop their interests in selected sporting disciplines. A clear growth in the number of participants in such classes has been apparent for several years. The wide range of disciplines available and the highly qualified coaching staff ensure excellent quality of tuition. Pupils are able to pursue their interests in football, handball, basketball, swimming, athletics, volleyball, table tennis, rugby and gymnastics.

In order to expand the offer of extracurricular classes, each half-term the Department of Sport and Tourism announces competitions for physical education teachers aimed at promoting innovative concepts for conducting extracurricular sports classes. This enables teachers to present new forms of activity to pupils who are less active and who do not show an interest in sports. The most popular classes include zumba, aerobics and strength training.

Extracurricular sports classes are available at all schools run by the Lublin Borough, as well as at centres for disabled children and youth, where the sports classes programme is adjusted by the teachers to the individual needs of the pupils.

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