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Academic Sport Training Centres (ACSS) have been operating since 2005 at ten higher education institutions in the country, whose activities are coordinated by voivodship Academic Sport Association (AZS) clubs.

In 2015, the City of Lublin joined the elite group of the cities in which an Academic Sport Training Centre operates, managed by the Academic Sport Association Lublin Voivodship Community Club (AZS Lublin)

The idea to establish the ACSS was driven by the desire to use the potential of all Lublin higher education institutions to combine their educational activities with the sport training practice, and the student curriculum with the tasks facing the Academic Sport Associations, taking advantage of the sport achievements of AZS Lublin in popularising the activities of the higher education institutions and the City of Lublin, and promoting them at home and abroad. The launching of the ACSS is a matter of prestige for each City, as it groups together the best sport competitors who study at colleges and universities in the same city. Owing to the fact that the best athletes are retained in the city, it is possible to establish a substantive base for their active participation in the education and sport process. The purpose of the activities pursued by the ACSS is to support gifted sport competitors in preparing for international championships, including Universiades and academic world championships, and eventually the Olympic Games.

Sport is an important element of social life in terms of improvement of human health, physical, mental and intellectual development. Competitors training kayaking, athletics and swimming, who are covered by the ACSS programme, are among the country’s top leaders and compete at the highest performance level. The presence of competitors presenting the highest performance level is a model and stimulus for young people to engage in systematic training, which will contribute to the popularisation of kayaking, athletics and swimming, improvement of the physical activity level and popularisation of health-promoting attitudes. To ensure that competitors are even better prepared to compete at the highest sport performance level, an agreement has been concluded between the Municipality of Lublin and the AZS Community Club of the Lublin Voivodship, and Lublin’s higher education institutions: the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, the Medical University of Lublin, the Lublin University of Technology, the Vincent Pol University in Lublin, and the University of Economic and Innovation in Lublin, under which the Academic Sport Training  Centre (ACSS) was established, which will operate in the city of Lublin.

To become partners of the Centre, the higher education institutions had to meet specific formal and organisational conditions (i.e. include in the institutions’ charters provisions on activities in the field of competitive sports, establish a scientific programme council, define, in the form of a written agreement, the terms of cooperation between the club and the institution, the terms of study and admission of athletes, training monitoring, implementation/ diagnostic and scientific research, medical, social and substantive care, supervision and audit in the course of sport training) – owing to the involvement of the entire academic community and the Academic Sport Association Community Club of the Lublin Voivodship, the process of setting up the ACSS has proved a success.

What is the purpose of operation of ACSS ?

  • As part of the activities of the Centre, participation is planned in a system of sport competition organised and run by the relevant sport association or entities acting on its behalf – Championships of Poland, or possibly Championships of Europe of Championships of the World. 
  • Promotion of the city of Lublin and building its positive image as a city that cares about sport development.
  • Popularisation of sport and physical activity, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as popularisation of sport as a safe and healthy way of spending free time.
  • Promotion of fair play in sport.
  • Achieving high results in national and international competitions.
  • Improving high sport performance among competitors included in training within the ACSS framework.

Who can become an ACSS competitor?

Anyone who meets the following conditions can become a competitor:

  • 18-28 years of age,
  • certified at least to Sport Class 1 in disciplines covered by the Olympic Games programme,
  • student of a school, college or university based in the city of Lublin,
  • competitor of a club based in the city of Lublin.

Currently, 10 competitors are covered by the specialised training programme.

In which facilities will ACSS competitors be practising?

The Centre will operate in Lublin and all sport facilities used will be situated in Lublin, in particular academic sport facilities. Competitors will participate in training camps at different locations (in Poland) based on requisitions submitted by the competitors and coaches for each sport covered by the ACSS programme and resulting from the calendar of sport events adopted by the relevant sport associations (sports: kayaking, athletics, swimming).

Practice activities in Lublin will take place at least 4 times a week with the use of the following sport facilities:

  •  sport facilities of the higher education institutions that have signed an agreement on the Academic Sport Training Centre according to requisitions submitted by the competitors and coaches in each sport)
  •  MOSiR Lublin sport facilities (according to requisitions submitted by the competitors and coaches in each sport)
  •  ZSE hall on Wojciechowska Street (according to requisitions submitted by the competitors and coaches in each sport)

Who will conduct sport training of competitors? 

Training in the form of exercise activities will be conducted by persons with appropriate qualifications according to individually developed exercise plans, at locations which enable them to be fully implemented. As part of logistic support of the ACSS project, its participants will be provided with transport to competitions, camps and consultations, as well as food and accommodation during training activities and competitions.

Are you a talented athlete? Training at a Lublin club?  Studying in Lublin? Or maybe still considering taking up studies? If the answer is yes, take advantage of the offer of the Academic Sport Training Centre and make your dreams of top sport performance come true.


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