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Team Rio 2016

Team Rio 2016

The year 2016 will be a special year for sport, as the XXXI Summer Olympic Games will be taking place between 5th and 21st August, and between 7th and 16th September we will be watching the 15th Summer Paralympic Games. The host country of both events will be Brazil and they will take place in Rio de Janeiro.

It is a great celebration of sport which requires extensive preparation, dedication and hard work. Lublin athletes are also preparing for the games, to participate in the special programme entitled ‘Team Rio 2016’. The City of Lublin and the Academic Sport Training Centre provide financial support for the competitors' efforts to enable them to achieve the best possible results and realise their dreams at Rio de Janeiro.

To date, 11 competitors representing various sporting disciplines have received such assistance:

  • Kinga Kołosińska  – beach volleyball (AZS UMCS TPS)

  • Monika Brzostek – beach volleyball (AZS UMCS TPS)

  • Małgorzata Kołdej – athletics (AZS UMCS)

  • Jan Świtkowski – swimming (UKS SKARPA)

  • Piotr Sawicki – archery (ICSiR START)

  • Mateusz Urbański – boccia (PAMARA BOCCIA)

  • Patryk Barszczyk – boccia (PAMARA BOCCIA)

  • Aleksandra Wnuczek - tandem cycling (Kolarski Klub Tandemowy HETMAN)

  • Iwona Podkościelna - tandem cycling (Kolarski Klub Tandemowy HETMAN)

  • Michał Ładosz - tandem cycling (Kolarski Klub Tandemowy HETMAN)

  • Marcin Polak - tandem cycling (Kolarski Klub Tandemowy HETMAN)

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