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About Us

The Lublin Youth City Council is a group of young people representing city residents who are secondary-school students living in the City of Lublin, excluding schools for adults.

The Youth City Council of the 17th term of office (2022-2023) brings together 36 representatives and is an opinion-forming and advisory body. The Council represents the youth, students attending secondary schools in Lublin.

In addition to representing the interests of young people before the city authorities and supporting the development and engagement of young people, the objectives of the Youth City Council are:

  • to promote the idea of civil society,
  • to shape community-focused, civil and patriotic attitudes,
  • to integrate and foster cooperation between youth circles across the City of Lublin,
  • to undertake measures for meeting the needs and expectations of young Lublin residents,
  • to organise youth’s active participation in public life,
  • to promote culture, in particular culture created by young people and addressed to them,
  • to take action for the protection of school children’s rights and dignity, and
  • to adopt measures for the protection of the natural environment.

Information about persons eligible to be elected for the Council, persons who are eligible to vote for candidates and other details can be found in the election rules provided for in the Statutes of the Lublin Youth City Council. The document also sets out a number of other aspects of Council operations, including, for example, the structure, the objectives, and the scope of operations of the Youth City Council, as well as councillors’ rights and obligations.

The role of the Lublin Youth City Council is to strengthen the citizenship of youth in Lublin and to educate young people as part of democratic processes. Young Councillors also undertake various initiatives with a view to strengthening citizenship and supporting the engagement of young Lublin residents. They support school students’ councils in their activities through organising events, training sessions, conferences, and projects.

The support for school students’ councils and youth initiatives is also provided through honorary patronage over campaigns or events organised by schools or groups of students representing several schools.

The Councillors also engage in the work of domestic and international youth organisations, such as the European Youth Parliament, and the Children and Youth Council of the Republic of Poland at the Ministry of National Education. They also have a significant share in domestic and international initiatives undertaken by other youth councils, taking part in congresses and conferences.

The activities of the Lublin Youth City Council are gaining significance with each new term of office, as their focus is on supporting youth in their development and city authorities in communicating with young residents.


Detailed information on our activities can be found on social media:

The Youth City Council operates under the Statutes adopted by way of Resolution No. 999/XXXI/2021 of the Lublin City Council dated 9 September 2021 amending the resolution of the Lublin City Council on establishing the Lublin Youth City Council and adopting its Statutes [download the Statutes].

The Public Information Bulletin (BIP) is also where the resolutions and positions adopted by the Lublin Youth City Council are published.

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