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A new youth space has been opened in Lublin

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A new youth space has been opened in Lublin

A new space for young people “ReWir” has been created in Felin, one of the suburban districts of Lublin. A place based on the "Hej!" model (first such a youth space opened last year) will be run by a non-governmental organization selected through the open call announced by the City of Lublin. Youth from Felin district gained their own space for meetings and passion development.

In the process of building a youth friendly city, we address the needs of young people and try to adapt the directions of our activities to the common vision of the present and future. According to the demands of the youth of Lublin, we provide more places designed and used by youth. I hope "ReWir" will be full of energy and bottom-up activities enabling self-realization, development of talents and passions. The functioning of youth open spaces in Lublin districts also has an important participatory aspect. The integration of the local community makes it possible to increase young people's interest in joint activities, which translates into building a sense of agency and influence on decision making - says Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak, Deputy Mayor of Lublin for Culture, Sport and Participation, Plenipotentiary of the Mayor for European Youth Capital Lublin 2023.

Space for young people "ReWir" was created as part of an open call for proposals for the creation, implementation and evaluation of open places for young people announced by the City of Lublin. It is located at 8 Królowej Bony Street and it is looked after by the Felin Cultural Association. The opening hours are: from 12.00-20.00 Monday to Friday and on weekends according to demand.

Workshops and informal meetings are planned as part "ReWir" opening week which is aimed at getting to know the place and to feel its atmosphere. On Tuesday (July 4) from At 17.00 there will be music and rhythm workshops. You will be able to play various instruments, learn a new, unique song or give vent to emotions during dance and movement games. On Wednesday (July 5) from 15.00 to 18.00 pyrography workshops are planned. Pyrography is the art of preserving patterns and images by burning them into wood and leather. Participants will learn how to choose the right material, prepare it for graphics and fix it by burning. ReWir invites you to photography workshops on Thursday (July 6) from 15.00-17.00. Participants will learn how to consciously select individual parameters, such as aperture, time, white balance or depth of focus, and how to set the frame or build a photo composition. The series of meetings will end with circus workshops, which will take place on Friday (July 7) at 13.30-15.00. It will be an opportunity to learn how to juggle with tissues and balls, spin plates and learn basic tricks on a flowerstick and diabolo.

4 more spaces for youth will be created this Summer in Wieniawa, Bronowice, Kośminek and Śródmieście districts within European Youth Capital Lublin 2023 programme.

The competition, under which a new space for young people has been created is part of the implementation of the European Youth Capital Lublin 2023 application and program. The city has committed itself to creating open spaces for young people where they can pursue their passions and interests, meet friends or do homework. The first space of this type is "Hey!" on Peowiaków 11, opened in cooperation with IKEA as part of the bilateral initiative "Youth for the City, City for Youth - projects and initiatives involving and including local communities", funded from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA and Norway Grants.


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