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Another youth space in Śródmieście

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Another youth space in Śródmieście

"Prusa 2" is the fourth place in Lublin supporting development and dreams pursuit as well as enabling meetings with peers. It is being established as part of the European Youth Capital 2023.

The youth space was created to implement and evaluate open sites for young people in Lublin. It is located at Prusa 2, street in the Śródmieście district. The name was taken after the name street. The new venue is managed by two Lublin NGOs - Instytut Aktywizacji i Rozwoju Społecznego (the Social Activation and Development Institute) and Fundacja Animatorów i Twórców Kultury TRACH (TRACH Foundation of Animators and Creators of Culture).

The space was developed jointly with youth. "Prusa 2" provides over 500 board games, comics, 3D printers, photographic equipment and many other tools to be used by young people. "Prusa 2" youth space will be open from Monday to Friday (during weekends, if needed). Opening hours remain flexible and pursuant to youth expectations. Youth organisations and youth programmes are a significant tool for participation, as a rule promoting youth democratic and social rights. They need safe public spaces where they can come together, engage in activities related to their diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and express themselves by choice. We fulfill the European Youth Capital 2023 agenda and expectations. By the end of this year, three more youth spaces will have been opened in Lublin.

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