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Pink Boxes in Lublin schools

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Pink Boxes in Lublin schools

Pink Boxes with free female hygiene products will be delivered to educational institutions in Lublin. The equipment purchased by the City of Lublin will be delivered to schools where no similar solutions have been introduced so far. Thus, students of all Lublin primary and secondary schools will be able to use free female hygiene materials. The project was initiated by students from Paderewski International Secondary School in Lublin. Karolina, Weronika, Zuzanna, Aleksandra and Nina contacted and started cooperation with Dominika Kulczyk Foundation and Pink Boxes Foundation. Subsequently, they approached the City authorities with an idea to organise this initiative in Lublin schools. As a consequence, 50 Pink Boxes were purchased.

As the European Youth Capital, we are delighted to join this youth project. These simple devices exist in Lublin and have a very important mission: to fight against menstrual exclusion and taboos. For that reason, we have become fully involved in the project. Successfully, we have managed to purchase 50 pink boxes to be installed in school bathrooms - says Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Sport and Participation, Mayor's Plenipotentiary for European Youth Capital.

The boxes and female hygienic materials will serve as a clear-cut help and support, but also as a part of youth education on puberty period. Workshops in Lublin schools are to be organised as well to bring closer the menstrual poverty subject. The meetings will be open to all students - both girls and boys.

The project is also supported by the Lublin Women Forum, whose members expressed their thorough support for the project of Lublin high school girls and their willingness to cover the entire project with honorary patronage. Thanks to the initiative, all schools run by the City of Lublin, will have pink boxes.

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