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Name: Letter of intent on cooperation
Signing a contract: 24.03.2015
Population: Populaton: 56 970

Nikšić - the second largest town of Montenegro and the largest municipality in Montenegro, covering an area of 2065 km2, which constitutes 14,95% of country’s territory with a total population of 75 282 inhabitants.

Nikšić Municipality borders with six other municipalities (i.e. Kotor, Cetinje, Danilovgrad, Kolašin, Šavnik, Plužine) as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina from the western side.


  • King Nikola’s Palace,
  • Tzar’s Bridge,
  • Ostrog Monastery,
  • Monastery of St. Luke
  • Onogošt Fortress.


Nikšic has always been known as a cultural and university centre of Montenegro. The contribution to culture and education is mainly thanks to public cultural institutions like the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education that are affiliated to the University of Montenegro.

Zahumlje – the public institution – was founded in 1898 as a choral society however, following its inauguration Zahumlje opened up a drama section as well. The Folk Ensemble was founded in 1975 and won many awards at national and international festivals.

Nikšic's Theatre – founded in 1999 and strives to continue the long tradition of the City Theatre originally established in 1927.


  • International Actors' Festival;
  • International Chamber Music Festival;
  • International Guitar Festival;
  • The Lake Fest Music Festival;
  • The Days of Honey,
  • The Off- Road Jeep Rally;


As Nikšic stands out by its sporting potential, the city has 67 sports organizations such as clubs, associations, school sports associations as well as sports and recreational societies.

City of Nikšic has many sports facilities which include, among others, two stadiums and two football clubs (FK Sutjeska FK Čelik), the largest sports complex in Montenegro – the Sports Centre, the third largest ski resort in the country - Vučje, 7 tennis courts and 4 mountain bike trails.

Significant sports results are achieved both in team sports (i.e. handball, volleyball, basketball, football), as well as in individual sports (judo, karate, wrestling, boxing, chess and archery). Also sports such as mountain biking, foot orienteering, skiing, caving or canoeing gain in popularity.


Nikšić is especially attractive to visitors because of its rich and well preserved nature. The most prominent and valuable being mountain chains as well as individual peaks like Prekornica, Stitovo, Maganik, Zurim and Vojnik to the east and the northeast side of the town. However, on the southwest side of Nikšić lies the Old Montenegro plateau that encompasses Budos and Pusti Lisac mountain peaks. What is more, Morakovo and Krnovo plateaus are also in the close vicinity of Nikšić, both are well known as excursion spots that offer ample opportunities for practising various sports.


Water is the most precious natural resource of the Municipality of Nikšic. The Nikšic region is covered with a rich network of streams, the Zeta River is the most significant paired with a number of 300 springs, 30 medium-seized and large streams. Apart from the Zeta River, as the largest subterranean river that is utilized at its best to generate hydropower, it is worthy to emphasise a number of artificial lakes such as Krupac, Slano, Vrtac, Liverovići, Grahovsko and Bilećko. The latter being yet another symbol of the town.

Krupac Lake is the largest swimming area in the continental part of Montenegro. Clean water, abundance of fish and beaches as well as infrastructure for water sports draws lots of tourist over summer period.

It is generally perceived that the Trebjesa functions as the main resort for citizens of Nikšic due to sports, recreational and and tourist facilities. It is located down-town, on a relatively small area on a hill. At the foot of the Trebjesa Hill, people can make use of tennis courts, a stadium, martial sports centre, a football pitch as well as the Vito Nikolic Promenade or mountain bikes trails. Within the Trebjesa area there has been identified 14 endemic species of the Balkan Peninsula. In 2000, by virtue of the decision taken by municipal authorities, the Trebjesa Hill was put under strict protection.

King Nicholas Reserve, which was a place of rest and hunting, is a real „hidden gem of Montenegro” This area is very rich with and famous for its flora and fauna.


Municipality of Nikšić

Njegoševa 18

81400 Nikšić, Montenegro

tel.: +382 40 213 072

fax.: +382 40 213 096


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