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Name: Partnership agreement
Signing a contract: 11.09.1999
Population: Population: 116 000

Panevėžys is the fifth largest city in Lithuania. It lies on the Nevėžis River in North-Eastern Lithuania. Cables, clothes, glass, textile products, beer, etc are produced here. Twenty local companies belong to the country’s largest firms. Panevezys is also considered a city of theatres. It has a drama, music, puppet theatre and children’s theatres. It is also known for its annual International Ceramics Symposia. Panevėžys is one of the oldest Lithuanian cities. Its origins go back to the 14th century. It was granted a town’s charter in 1503.
Its development can be divided into three periods: until 1795 the city belonged
to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Between 1795 and 1915 it lay within the boundaries
of the Russian Empire. In 1915 - 1918 it was under German jurisdiction. In 1919-1940
the city belonged to the Independent Republic of Lithuania. During World War II, Panevėžys was occupied first by the Soviets (15.06.1940 - 26.06.1941), and then (1941 - 1944) by the Germans. In 1944 - 1990 Panevėžys, as other Lithuanian cities, was
on the territory of the Soviet Union.


Panevėžys is a typical area inhabited by the native Lithuanian population. It is situated between two Baltic capitals – Vilnius and Riga. The international highway “Via Baltica”, which leads to the trans-European transport network, crosses the city. The present Panevėžys is a dynamically-growing city. The activities of the Management Training Centre, Business Advisory Centre and Regional Chamber of Industry and Trade prove that a lot of attention is attached to the development of business and infrastructure in this city. The majority of the existing firms operate in the furniture, construction, food-processing and textile industries.

Modern infrastructure, high competence of the employees of various fields and beneficial legal business environment create wonderful conditions for investments in Panevėžys. More than 43, 9 thousand of people work in Panevėžys companies (38 per cent of all citizens of the city). 3 307 companies operate in Panevėžys. Small companies dominate
in Panevėžys. The biggest plants include: "Kalnapilis" Brewery and "Linas" which produces linen. Products made by the clothing factory "Neveźis" are known on the international market. Also foreign entrepreneurs invest their capital in Panevezys – mainly from, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland and the USA. In recent years also
the service network has developed in Panevėžys – hotels, shops and restaurants. Artistic life flourishes in the city. Six theatres exist there, including a drama, music and children’s theatre. In the world of music there are two orchestras, a choir and several folk ensembles and jazz groups. Artists from Panevėžys exhibit their works in the Art and Photography Gallery. The sister-city agreement was concluded by the two cities on 11 September 1999 during celebrations of the 430th anniversary of the Union of Lublin that united Poland and Lithuania.

Useful address:
City of Panevėžys
Laisves a. 20,
LT – 352 00 Panevėžys
Tel: + 370 45 50 12 00
Fax: + 370 45 501 353

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