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EYC Program Council

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EYC Program Council

Programme Council for the European Youth Capital (EYC) 2023

Lublin is the first city in Poland to become the European Youth Capital. The agenda draft based on European values, co-deciding on the city, equality, accessibility, prevention of discrimination made the European Youth Forum give our city this Honorable Title for 2023.

The title belongs to all Lublin residents, people related to Lublin and all those who care about:

  • co-creating a youth-friendly City;
  • supporting young people and youth organisations;
  • ensuring their participation in decision-making process about the City.

This is a profound respect, yet also a huge challenge, we can face and manage only TOGETHER. TOGETHER, we want to develop ideas for youth policies, programmes and activities that support active citizenship. It will give you a real opportunity to shape the City you want to live in. Together we have a lot of dreams and even more possibilities. Lots of our common successes and fun await us!

Who makes up the team responsible for implementation of European Youth Capital 2023?

In 2022, we were recruiting members of the Programme Board for the European Youth Capital 2023. The team has already been selected and we are getting down to work!


The Programme Council is the decision-making body and is responsible for the proper implementation of the European Youth Capital 2023 programme.

The tasks of the Programme Council include:

  1. making key decisions on the implementation of the European Youth Capital 2023 programme;
  2. initiating the activities of the Advisory Board and working group;
  3. evaluating and giving feedback on reports on European Youth Capital 2023 programme implementation.

The Chairperson of the Programme Council will convene meetings of the Program Council as needed, yet at least 4 times a year.

The tasks of the Council and other information about it are described in Order No. 6/1/2023 of the Mayor of Lublin of 4 January, 2023 amending Order No. 105/4/2022 of the Mayor of Lublin of 28 April, 2022 on the appointment of Project Team responsible for the management and implementation of the European Youth Capital 2023 programme.

Napis Lublin is #YOUth

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