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Youth Space standards

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Youth Space standards
What should a space for young people be like?

The standards underlying the establishment of the network of Lublin Youth Spaces were developed by young people who defined what such places should be like to allow them to feel comfortable and safe, to pursue their passions, and develop their talents.  The idea behind the operations of Youth Spaces is to provide young people with the opportunities for comprehensive participation and their share in decision-making processes. It is not only about building youth's sense of agency and empowerment, but it is also a vital and indispensable part of civic education.  Every place of this type is a safe haven where young people will also receive support, for example, in the sphere of mental health. Every youth space is accessible for persons with disabilities, has accessibility description, and rules & regulations. Youth spaces are dedicated for young people aged between 10 and 30.

Obligatory standards:

  • The premises should meet accessibility requirements and other statutory requirements referring to public spaces (i.a., fire protection rules).
  • The space should be free from any political or religious canvassing and should comply with the rules specified in Lublin’s application for the European Youth Capital 2023 title.
  • The space should be participatory, inclusive, and accessible.
  • The youth space should have a youth team operating on a permanent basis. 
  • The management of the space should be designed on the basis of the organiser’s collaboration with the relevant youth team.
  • The space should have an appropriate size and combine various functions, i.a., a place to heat a meal or prepare hot tea/coffee; in addition, it should be an aesthetic, intimate and cosy place.
  • The programme activities being conducted in the Youth Spaces should account for local needs and should be planned in agreement with, or initiated by, the youth.
  • The space should have its Operating Rules & Regulations including the following information: the opening hours and the way a given space functions, the operating rules of the youth team, and the values that must be observed within the youth space.
  • The space should have a publicly accessible calendar of events and space availability.
  • The space should be open for at least 32 hours a week, with Saturdays and Sundays allowed, and the opening hours should be indicated in the offeror’s submission. 
  • The access to the space should be free-of-charge.
  • The space should provide a sense of security to its users.
  • Persons under the influence of stimulants (alcohol, drugs, designer drugs) are not permitted to enter the space or consume such substances on site.
  • The space should have an accessibility description.
  • The space should be equipped with board games, books and other attractions for young people, allowing them to spend their free time in an interesting way.

Optional standards:

  • The space should have various social media communication channels.
  • The Operating Rules & Regulations of the space should be translated into foreign languages, i.e., English and Ukrainian.
  • Youth protection standards should be developed and implemented in the youth space.
  • Workshops and events should account for a maximum of a third of the opening hours in a given space.
  • The efforts of the youth team and the functioning of the space should be evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • The youth teams should select persons to serve as youth coordinators, supported by a person/persons appointed by the organiser of the youth space.

The team should have permanent working hours in the youth space and assume the function of its host.

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